In the 1960s, as the superpowers sought to play out their great game in space, one unfashionable borough on the southern fringes of London raised its eyes, looked to the heavens and dared to dream…

Ad Astra Per Croydon: The Lost History of London’s Forgotten Spaceport

Ad Astra Per Croydon: The Lost History of London's Forgotten Spaceport (Croydon Spaceport)

“Brilliant” – John Grindrod, author of Concretopia and Outskirts

Writer and researcher Tom Murphy turns his forensic spotlight on a strangely overlooked episode of space-age municipal history.

28pp, A5, printed zine with card cover; available in print from; also available as a PDF from Gumroad.



A mug bearing the now-legendary car sticker that was plastered on every Vauxhall Viva and Austin Allegro in the south-east back in the early 70s. And unlike the car sticker, these are dishwasher and microwave safe and UV resistant!

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